Beating Ugly Nail Fungus

One of the worst things I've ever had to live with was an ugly toe nail. Not ugly as in not manicured the way I like but a toenail that was absolutely the most hideous thing you've ever seen... and it was attached to my husband...  Yes, that same handsome guy most of you see by my side all the time. I simply hated to look at his feet because his big toe had that ugly black nail that nobody wanted to look at. Little did he or eye know that what we believed was simply athletes foot was really a pretty serious nail fungus condition.

My family and close friends know that my husband Tony has always been a jock. The man still loves basketball just like he did when I first met him. But the smell of his feet were always terrible and when you combined the smell with a curled up black toenail it was not a pretty sight. Well, we battle this problem for years, it would come and go but it would never get completely well. 

The strange part was he was pretty OK with this problem because it was something he'd battle since high school football, believe it or not. But after getting married I wanted to find out once and for all what could be done so we saw a doctor. He informed us that it was a deep fungal infection that had rooted itself beneath his nail. It was treatable but it was going to take a long time. His suggestion was laser surgery to kill the fungus. The problem was this process wasn't cheap and it still would take a long time after the treatment before he would see if it even worked or if he'd have to get another laser treatment.

Long story short, after several months of using an over the counter product that our doctor suggested that Tony try first, since he wasn't overly enthused about spending so much money on something that really didn't bother him nearly as much as it did his wife, so we gave it a shot. I found the brand that was most popular and made sure he used it as prescribed with the agreement that if it did not work that we would go the laser treatment route. Fortunately he's toe is doing very well at this point. No more black discoloration and no more awful smell. His nail is growing back clean and normal I'm happy to report. I'll updated his progress over the next few months and let everyone know how it is going.

Oh, checkout this site: The Zeta Clear Reviews: The Best Black Toenail Fungus Fighter is ZetaClear it has good information about the product and fungus infections in general. ZetaClear seems to be the top selling brand that shows it can even get rid of the black toenail fungus that most people find so ugly and try to hide. I also will find you a good video and post it below... Look for the update.

Okay, here is the laser option. It looks pretty simple to me:


I found another product that I researched and discovered it has some really good reviews. Not perfect but no product is, so check this one out for yourself, it is called Funginix

! From as much as I can tell it is the 2nd or 3rd most popular natural fungus removal product being sold. The Funginix fungal killing agent reviews describe it as a topical solution that still get beneath the nail. You can even buy Funginix from the link on this particular review site, though I'm sure you can Google and find other buy links if you like the product.